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years of experience in the financial-banking field

Bright Finance offers the first package of personalized financial and business analysis services in Romania.

With our expertise in both bank product sales and banking risk, we position ourselves as a trusted partner for small and medium-sized companies in Romania.

We aim to help entrepreneurs understand the financial situation of their company through the lens of relevant financial indicators, especially for the banking system.

In this regard, we start with:

  • Assessment of the financial performance (financial analysis) of the company based on data recorded in accounting for a minimum of 2 years;

  • Monthly monitoring of the evolution of the company’s main economic and financial indicators:

  • Liquidity

  • Solvability

  • Payment capacity rate

  • Debt ratio

  • Interest coverage

  • Financial leverage

  • Stock rotation speed

  • Claims turnover speed

  • Supplier turnover speed

  • Turnover of current assets

  • Return on capital employed

  • Operating profit margin

  • Economic profitability

  • Financial profitability

The next step is to correlate these indicators with bank risk rules, depending on the banks where a credit application will be prepared and also with the limitations imposed by Basel III regulations;

How do we work? We focus on:

1. Develop tools (budgets, cash flow, analysis) needed to forecast expenditure and manage income, where appropriate;

2. Development of financial models to assist in negotiations and decision-making in recovery procedures, where appropriate;

3. Submission of a monthly written report based on the submission of updated accounting documents and a monthly structured working meeting within a two-hour time slot at the client’s or consultant’s premises;

Customer benefits:

Many entrepreneurs don’t have an in-depth understanding of their company’s financial situation; through this financial education service, the company will know whether or not it will be able to access financing, including how it will be structured.

How important is it for you to know what the financial situation of your business is and what risks you are exposing yourself to?